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Bader Book #1 – Whodunit Did It

Whodunit Did It is the first book of the Bader trilogy. Elmer Bader is a Homicide Detective with the LAPD. A very evil criminal kills a Navy Vice Admiral during a jewelry store robbery. That brings both NCIS and the FBI into the case, since the Admiral has been nominated to the Homeland Security Secretary. Those two organizations work with Elmer and other LAPD officers in tracking down the killer, who has killed many times in the past, and continues doing so during the course of the book. An unlikely piece of information helps the authorities close in on the killer, but he has an elaborate escape plane set in case they actually find him.

Bader Book #2 – Horace Goes Home

In Horace Goes Home, the second “Bader” book, now LAPD Homicide Detective Lieutenant Elmer Bader works to solve a mob hit which leaves two mobsters and three innocent people, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong, time dead. Along the way, Elmer and the other detectives in the Homicide Division solve additional crimes while Elmer plods along trying to find a clue to the five deaths. He also helps resurrect the life of a wino—who witnessed the five murders—and as it turns out is a war hero. He also enlists the help of some outside the LAPD to help with the mob murders. As an aside, the writer enjoyed writing this book more than any other since, Toboggan, the fourth book of the “Janitor” series, or Billy’s Rescue, Book #7 of the “Asps” series.

Bader Book #3 – How ‘bout Both

How ‘bout Both is the third and final “Bader” book. In this one LAPD Homicide Detective Lieutenant Elmer Bader runs up against a case of domestic terrorism. Along the way he nearly gets blown up, has try after try made on his life, and keep right on plugging along in his efforts to track down those responsible. With new partner Maine Bobbitt he thwarts several attempts by terrorists to pull off several planned terrorist acts in Los Angeles. The authorities are helped along the way by Hector Garcia, and my faithful readers know how Hector feels about terrorists…and how he is accustomed to dealing with same.

Ancient Rookie

Ancient Rookie was originally started as the sixth book of my action/adventure “Asps” series. However, along the way, I fell in love with the back-story characters and turned it into a sports-fantasy book before I knew what I was doing. While it does have some elements of an action/adventure novel, it is what it is—a sports-fantasy book about an old guy (Navy, retired) who is in an auto accident. Before the book is finished, we have bionics, baseball pennant races, trades, and—ultimately—the World Series.

Too Many Women

In Too Many Women, new hero Bob Becker is introduced in the first of three Becker books. Bob does his best to protect a woman—who witnessed her husband killing another woman—from the husband determined to kill her, too. Along the way, he also gets involved with helping thwart a gunrunning biker gang, and helps track down a fellow who shoots off the governor’s ear. Dan and Janet Orf (from the Janitors and Asps series) lend a hand in protecting the wife from her husband. Bob, now retired, is the Navy SEAL who carried Dan to safety when Dan was seriously wounded some years earlier. Also, Bob runs into an old friend from Australia's Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).

Bigfoot Bait

Bigfoot Bait is the second book in the Becker Trilogy. This book deals with the kidnapping of three coeds: two from Columbia, Missouri, and one from Berkeley, California. We also have the return of the gun-running biker gang that Bob and others dealt with in Too Many Women, the first book of the trilogy. Bob is assisted by old friends of my readers from the Janitor and Asps series…including Jim and Holly Scott.

Pool of Blood

Pool Of Blood is the third and final book of the Becker Trilogy. In this book, Bob Becker, his wife Michelle, and some other help, try to right a wrong. A man is convicted of murder due to having stepped into a pool of blood near the body of a murdered woman, whom he had been arguing with only hours before she was killed. During his investigation, Bob also deals with someone trying to kill Michelle. The case of the man wrongly convicted leads Bob to Australia, where he is assisted by old friend, now-Colonel Walter Kilgorie, an ASIS Agent, and others…including Jim and Holly Scott.

Lose the Fedora

Lose the Fedora is a stand-alone book, featuring a plot hatched by Jim Scott, SIS (MI6) Chief Tony Henry, and retired number two man in the Mossad, Benjamin (Ben) Schiller, to rid the world of the Syrian President-and at least have it seem the Russians are responsible. After that plot is put into practice, new characters, plus several old friends gang up to track down a top-ranking ISIS terrorist in the United States. They also round up some ISIS plotters inside England.

Back to China

In this new Jim Scott book (after the Asps have disbanded, with some now working for MI6), the just-elected President asks Jim to help retrieve two topflight physicists from China, where they were taken after being kidnapped in a bloody shootout on the streets of Las Vegas. The President is made aware of Jim’s capabilities by Tony Henry—now Sir Anthony—and SIS (MI6) Chief. Later in the book, Jim also helps stop a Chinese assassination team bent on eliminating the new President, who, unlike his predecessor, has backbone in international affairs. Publisher’s Note: To review more books by Mike Jackson, please go to: www.mikejacksonbooks.com